Saint Yared


October 10, 2023
Negarit Band
Producer: Teferi Assefa
Number of discs: 1

Saint Yared lived in Ethiopia in 6th Century AD and is credited with the invention of Ethiopian liturgical chants and musical symbols. There is a legend that it was Three Angels sent by God in the form of birds that taught Saint Yared the Holy Chants of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Modern musical derivations of Saint Yared’s musical foundations use a pentatonic scale and four major modes, i.e. tizita, bati, ambassel and anchihoye. The zelesegna single makes use of the core vocal elements this traditional mode and chanting along with a creative blend of modern drums, saxophones, keyboards and guitars as well as samples of Ethiopian Orthodox Church bells and sistrum, which is depicted in the ancient pyramids of what was Kemet (then) or modern day Egypt.

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